Why do we need more money – we pay fees?

1. Costumes, sets, and travel to and from competitions is expensive
2. We have some of the lowest choir fees in the county and we would like to keep it that way
3. If we can raise money, we can expand programming – field trips for concert and show choirs to do things like see musicals in Indianapolis or other similar experiences
4. We need a truck! We are currently renting a U-haul for anytime we need to travel with equipment.
Checkout all of our fundraising opportunities below.

In addition to fundraising – if you are interested in a sponsorship please check out the page here.

DoubleGood Popcorn Fundraiser is coming back Just in time for the Holidays!
December 13, 2023 at 5pm – December 17, 2023 at 5pm

Follow the instructions below and enter code FHRVFP.

Scrip – RaiseRight

Date: Year Round
Join the Program
-Download the RaiseRight mobile app from the app store using your smartphone or tablet.
-Enter the enrollment code to join: 1D9493c75646L
Buy gift cards and earn for your organization
-Browse bonuses, search for a specific brand, shop categories, and more.
-When you’re ready to checkout, sign up for secure online payments. You can link a bank account, credit card, or both.
-The brand gives back to your organization the moment you buy a gift card – at no extra cost to you.
Get and use your gift cards
-eGiftcards are deliver to the app within minutes – view them in your wallet
-Physical gift cards are mailed to your coordinator. Many are reloaded so you can keep earning with the ones you have.
-Use both types in-store and online


Date: 2/9/24 – 3/9/24
SnapRaise is an online fundraising drive that is very simple – it asks participants to input emails of folks they know. When we go live in early 2024, SnapRaise will send an email asking the recipients to go to the fundraising page and make a donation. The donations are collected online and they take care of everything. SnapRaise statistics indicate that if over 50% of students put in 20 emails we could earn $30K+. This is a reputable company that has done well for other show choirs in the area and other Noblesville groups. We plan to launch our “Show Your Love to the NHS Choirs” Campaign 2/9/2024.

What do we need from you by Friday February 9
Your kids need to set up a profile in SnapRaise (if they set one up last year, the join code for this year is 519-539-535 if needed).  To set one up go to and use join code 519-539-535.
You will see a place to enter emails. Please think of family, friends, co-workers, people who interact with your child like scout leaders, people they babysit for.  I asked my parents for emails for their friends as well.  Put their emails in. ** they do not sell these emails or share them outside SnapRaise in any way.
If your child has not put up a profile picture, I recommend adding one.  It increases donations.
You can also share the page to social media starting 2/9 by logging in to your child’s account and using the ready made share buttons there.
We know fundraising can be difficult and time consuming, but we cannot do it without your participation. 
If you have questions, please feel free to contact Heather Walter-McCabe at 

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