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Tis the Season for a Holiday Concert – December 8 at 7pm & December 9 at 2pm

We are excited to present our annual holiday concert for the community! All choirs will be performing at both shows with featured soloists and group acts for each performance.

Friday Special Acts

Mia Gordon
Aubrey Fredrick
Sydney Elliott & Ray Kenley
Sean, Parker, & Kenzie Wood
Matteo DiRosa
Josie Flinchum
Kat Logue
Ellie Seago
Tyler Cowan
Brenner Zebrauskas, Hannah Ropte, & Mia Fiegel

Saturday Special Acts

Savannah McClure
Addie McMillan
Claire Cuson & Emma Cseke
Sarah Rollinson
Josiah Smith, Caedmon Foster, Ray Kenley, & Colin McCabe
Corinne Mitchell & Sabrina Lara
Lukas Eros & Abby Wigger
Soren McLaughlin & Hannah Ropte
Roux Carney
Charlotte & Amelia Wiggins

Tickets will go on sale at 8am November 27. Please check the special act list carefully before purchasing tickets.

Concert and Show Choir Parents – We need your help in this busy season!! Use the button below to see the many opportunities we have for you to get involved with these amazing students. We have opportunities both that can be done at the school and at your home. Thank you for the gift of your time!

Singers Parents – get important information for the December 3 Sarah McLaughlin Concert at the link below!

Final DoubleGood Popcorn Fundraiser Just in Time for the Holidays! December 13 – December 17

Audition Information for 2024-2025 Choirs

Auditions are due no later than 2/24/24. Please click the link below for all the important details!

who we are

We are thrilled to have you visit our website and become a part of our wonderful choir community. Whether you are a parent or a student, this site is designed to provide you with all the information you need to stay informed and engaged.

For Students

This website offers a wealth of resources to enhance your musical journey. You can access rehearsal schedules, repertoire information, and audition details, enabling you to prepare and excel in your choir experience. Additionally, you will find useful resources such as vocal warm-ups, music theory tips, and links to further your musical education. We believe that music has the power to inspire, unite, and transform lives, and we are excited to embark on this journey with you. Explore our website, stay connected, and join us in celebrating the joy of choral music.

For Parents

You can explore the various sections dedicated to keeping you up to date with important announcements, upcoming events, and volunteer opportunities. Our goal is to create a strong partnership between parents and the choir program, ensuring your involvement and support in nurturing the talents of our students.

Welcome to the Noblesville High School Choirs family! See you at the next concert!
John Neubauer and Julianne Fowler, Directors Noblesville High School Choirs

Parent Portal

Are you a parent looking for resources or trying to pay your choir fees? Checkout our parent portal section.

Director’s Message To Parents

This community is so special- there is so much joy in the sound of our children singing together. These years of choir seem long, but go quite fast. Cherish each moment, each rehearsal pick up and the sets that get stuck in your head. Capture the effort and passion that presents itself on stage at every competition. These students have talent, yes- but more importantly – they have heart. You will laugh and cry- I promise. You will be exhausted and wonder how you will make it through the late nights and the agonizing waiting for results at midnight. You will scream until your throat is sore when they nail their performance show after show. You will smile when you watch the camaraderie and you will be so sad when the final rendition of “ Why we sing” is sung. But you will have so many memories to look back on and all your dedication and effort will have been for something irreplaceable- the tradition of sharing the gift of song and hard work is something that cannot be taught it must be experienced. These years are incredible – volunteer, stay and watch, and be amazed.
John Neubauer,

thank you to our sponsors!

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