Audition required. Grades 9-12. Treble voice ensemble

Four major concerts per year. Intermediate musicianship skills in vocal technique and sight-reading are stressed. Students will focus on concert choir literature, with study in music from a range of times, cultures, and languages.

Choir Participants

Emmalee Amos

Karla Armendariz

Lexi Blevins

Riley Brannon

Ava Brewer

Lillian Campbell

Maria Chirinos Baptista

Luci Clouser

Madilyn Colunga

Lillian Conway

Emma Cseke

Niasia Cunningham

Claire Cuson

Katie Delp

Kaylin Fox

Emma Glatt

Natalie Hicks

Sophia Hiner

Khloe Horbett

Abigail Hutchinson

Caleigh Isaacs

Shaylee Jamison

Ellsie Kohne

Kennedy Lundien-Lynch

Amy Lynn

Chloe Martin

Sophia Mayhew

Taylor Nichols

Gia Parson

Allison Puckett

Mariela Rios-Pena

Aleigha Robertson

Alivia Schwier

Brody Stadtfeld

Breanna Tays

Marissa Wagner

Alicia White

Lilly Wissman

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