Arriving this November…

November 16-17th @ 7pm
November 18th @ 2pm and 7pm
Noblesville High School

T-shirt designed by student Mia Feigel/ Orders accepted until Sunday, Oct. 8th, 2023/ T-shirts to be delivered after Fall Break

Congratulations to the Cast of Cinderella

EllaSavannah McClure
TopherColin McCabe
SebastianTyler Cowan
PinkletonMatthew Hunt
MarieSarah Rolinson
CharlotteStevie Miles
GabrielleAddie McMillan
MadameKat Logue
Jean-MichelEhren Knerr
FoxCai Cook
RacoonNolan Campbell
Two Mice/FootmenJosiah Smith and Roux Carney
GiantAmelia Wiggins
Tall WomanAnnalycia Melendez
Strong WomanAbby Wigger
Shy WomanMaci Clumb
Older WomanMorgan Trowbridge
Younger WomanMia Feigel
Small WomanLilah Cross
Topher’s Dance PartnerAlaina Wadsworth
Snarky Woman at Ball (pg. 42)Maddie McIntyre
Earl of CavendishVincent Lomelin
Duke of Cheshire/Featured DancerNick Sizelove
Duchess 1 (p. 41)Lauryn Kinzie
Lord (p.44) Partner DancerMason James
Lady (p.44) Partner DancerSophia DeGuire
Guest (p.44)Ailis Price
Another Guest (p.44)/Featured DancerDevon Puetz
Dignitary (p.44)/Featured DancerEhren Knerr
Duchess 2 (p.44)Olivia Magill
Yet Another Duchess (p.44)Corinne Mitchell
Lady (p.52) Addie McMillan
A Second Lady (p.52)/Featured DancerCorinne Mitchell
A Third Lady (p.52)Else Miller
A Fourth Lady (p.52)/Featured DancerLauryn Kinzie
Sam/Townsperson Featured DancerCharlotte Wiggins
ClaudeJohn Bush
Official (p.89)Roux Carney
Slipper Tryer On 1Angela Reyes
Slipper Tryer On 2Mia Gordon
Slipper Tryer On 3Surprise
PageboyBlake Valentine
Woman in WellEllie Seago
YvonneEllie Seago
EnsembleMarissa Wagner
EnsembleMiranda Ricardo
EnsembleElla Kinzie
EnsembleSabrina Lara
EnsembleLilliana Perez
EnsembleHannah Ropte
Ensemble/Featured DancerParker Wood
EnsembleBen Baker
EnsembleLayla Valentine
Dance CaptainJosiah Smith

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